Yvonne Taylor
Yvonne Taylor
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Female nude

Acrylic on linen canvas

Stand of blue

exhibition at Paisley Art Institute, Scotland 2015. Acrylic landscape on board

Flowers of the field

Acrylic palette knife on board SOLD

Cone head

Duke of Wellington, Glasgow, acrylic on canvas

Wild wood

Acrylic on canvas

Paws off

Carbothello pencil, pastel on murano pastel paper

Old boy

Acrylic on linen canvas, private commission

Close but apart

10cm sq, acrylic on canvas board

Washing lines

Acrylic on canvas board 10cm sq

Female nude ii

Cabothello pencil on pastelmat

Female nude iii

Carbothello pencil on pastelmat

Mother and son

Carbothello pencil, pastel on pastelmat

Ice and fire

Sold. Acrylic on board

Tunnock's tea cake

Acrylic on board, sold

Girl with a tunnock's earring

A play on Vermeer. Acrylic on canvas,sold


Acrylic on canvas board 30 x 30cm

Storm brewing

10x 15 cm acrylic on board

Golden grove, detailed close up

Part of a 10x15 cm palette knife painting in acrylic

Braken hill

10x 15 cm acrylic on board


10x 15 cm acrylic on board

Fields of plenty

20cm sq. acrylic palette knife on board
Being shown at the Clydebank Open. 2015

Golden grove

10x15cm acrylic on board

Grey mare's tail

Kate middleton

Acrylic on Linen

Walking man

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