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Yvonne Taylor
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Persephone and iris

Donated to future auction for " Starchild in memory of frankie marsh" charity which is building a school in Uganda dedicated to arts and music. The auction is being run by McTears on line auction

Kate middleton

Acrylic on Linen

Walking man

Venice iiii

Venice ii

Venice ii

Venice i

Towards home

Silver birch

Salmon leap ii

Salmon leap i

Grey mare's tail

Winter birch

Acrylic , palette knife on canvas 72 x 72cm framed

Stirlingshire copse

Palette knife acrylic on Canvas 50 x 50 cm

Standing stag

Acrylic on linen , 100 x 150cm framed

Fields of gold


Dawn walk


50 x70 cm acrylic seascape .

Gateway, northumberland

Pastelmat, cabothello pencil and pastel

As the sun goes down

Pastelmat, cabothello pencil, pastel

Where the wild things grow

Acrylic, canvas board, sold at auction to raise funds for Glasgow Art School

Mother and son

Carbothello pencil, pastel on pastelmat

Flowers of the field

Acrylic palette knife on board SOLD

Cone head

Duke of Wellington, Glasgow, acrylic on canvas

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