Veronica Gudmundson
Veronica Gudmundson
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Colourful nightsky

Nightsky & trees

Forest & starsky

Magical mist

100x100 cm on canvas.

Northern light

90x90 cm on canvas.

Natures magic

96x70 cm on canvas.


50 x 50 cm. mineral pigments and acrylic paint on canvas.

Cosmic sound cloud

60 x 40 cm. acrylic and spray on canvas.

The universe in a single atom

100 cm diameter. mineral pigments, acrylic and sand on mdf-board.

We are all made of stardust

120 cm diameter. acrylic, mineral pigments and gravel on mdf-board.

Star swirl

90 x90 cm on canvas.

Star cluster

95 x 95 cm. acrylic, mineral pigments and spray paint on canvas.


1x1m. acrylic and mineral pigments on canvas.


07 x 53 cm, acrylic, spray paint and mineral pigments on canvas

Cosmic view

80x80 cm on canvas.

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