Tom Henderson Smith
As a painter based in the heart of Cornwall, I find endless inspiration all around me.
Tom Henderson Smith
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Here comes poseidon canvas print
Size: 67.8 H x 67.8 W cm

Canvas print.

Lafrowda day 2014 canvas print
Size: 57.6 H x 38.4 W cm

Canvas print.

Here they come! lafrowda 2008 canvas print
Size: 50.8 H x 50.8 W cm

The original of this painting (approx 75 x 75 cms) was sold in a benefit auction to raise funds for future Lafrowda festivals.

We all live in a yellow submarine sold
Size: 100 H x 120 W x 2 cm

This shows the 2015 canvas from my on-going series about a brilliant community festival here in Cornwall. Every year the event inspires a painting that I sell to help support the future of these festivals that are such a boost to the culture and economy of this fairly remote part of the UK. Now the original has been sold prints are available through a link on my website - also to support the festival.

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