I’m over the moon that I has been handpicked by the Editors of ArtFinder to be tipped for the top in 2018 as one to watch and invest in. I live and work in a beautiful house and studio overlooking the stunning Gulf of Thailand, my paintings have been sold to offices, shops and private residences in America, Australia, Canada, Europe, Singapore, South-America, South-Korea and of course Thailand. Up until now in 25 countries.
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The Monks
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    I started off with a blank canvas and wanted to paint a nude, one of my ladies and I struggled, sometimes this happens and I don’t know why, I have an idea in my head but my hands won’t work, after putting some paint on the canvas I sometimes see an image and work with it, in this case I ended up with the Monks.

    My sister is a Nun, living in a Temple in Northern Thailand and once twice a year everyone (apart from the very old and sick) will walk off, to a City or the Mountains or Jungle taking only what they can carry, people along the way will feed them.

    A lot of the paintings go back to my early childhood when I worked in the rice fields, and later driving a pick up truck round the villages selling vegetables where I met some wonderful people of which I have fond memories.

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