I recently started painting - I usually try to be amusing or bemusing because there are already many really good artists out there doing "normal" things & I am a beginner. I have tried a few normal subjects though - for the hell of it. I also like making & fixing things and am currently making detailed plans for a sub 1 metre size Geobat (it will be a sort of flying sculpture - round aircraft powered by cylindrical ducted fan)
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Three pigeons

Everyday birds hopefully seen through a new light. i like the 'shot silk' effect of their neck colouring

Beriev be 12p-200
Size: 40 H x 50 W x 1.5 cm

A russian twin turboprop gull-winged amphibious firefighting and rescue aircraft

Stearman roll

Aerobatics in a boeing stearman. acrylics on canvas

Rain, electricity and speed

A modern take on an old classic masterpiece. acrylics on canvas

Bent over tulips

These flowers grew permanently bent over after months of strong east winds. nearby tubs were more sheltered.

21st century liberty

Lady liberty updated for this century with modern tech. acrylics on a small oval canvas

Size: 40 H x 50 W x 1 cm

An imaginary collection of imaginary planets taken from the pocket of an imaginary god. acrylics on canvas

Size: 40 H x 50 W x 1 cm

A selection of their typical poses - for the comedy value. acrylics on canvas

Size: 50 H x 40 W x 1 cm

Part of a kitchen seen in a kettle.

Kalinin k-7
Size: 40 H x 50 W x 1 cm

The 7 engined version of konstantin kalinin's 1930s behemoth of an aeroplane. the wings were thick enough to stand up iinside.

Queensferry crossing
Size: 25 H x 35 W x 0.1 cm

The new forth road bridge seen from just upstream - watercolours

Devil devil i defy thee
Size: 25 H x 31 W x 1.5 cm

An old narrow gauge loco simmers away at night

The scream (moments later)
Size: 20 H x 25 W x 0.1 cm

A quick watercolour for fun

Sproston green station
Size: 30 H x 55 W cm

Fictional homage to the charlatans and to two locos that i had models of when young

Size: 36 H x 43 W x 0.001 cm

Another flying train-like thingy in watercolour on paper.

The stf electric city car
Size: 25 H x 35 W x 2 cm

A quick sketch of my design - just for fun

The god of peace
Size: 40 H x 40 W x 2 cm

Acrylics on canvas

Size: 41 H x 51 W x 2 cm

A comment on the rise of technology as well as treatment of women by some.

Airshow vulcan
Size: 41 H x 51 W x 2 cm

Acrylics on a stretched canvas - varnished

Size: 51 H x 40 W x 2 cm

The latest in my "gods" series acrylics on stretched canvas

Delivery by drone
Size: 25 H x 30 W x 0.2 cm

It can happen - and lithium polymer batteries really do that!

Bitville nv
Size: 25 H x 30 W x 0.2 cm

A desert town or part of the planetary cosmic super computer?

Size: 40 H x 50 W x 2 cm

Inspired by the shark-like front of peugots and the "face" of other cars.

Ship shape
Size: 51 H x 40 W x 2 cm

The finished work mounted on a canvas. the aero and hydrodynamic parts of vessels reflected/doubled to give this. from the top: a dhow, a tug, a fin keel yacht, a thames barge, a ketch, a cargo ship.

Shot or painted
Size: 15 H x 20 W x 0.1 cm

The eventual triumph of creativeness over destruction. small watercolour on a card.

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