Sandy Wager
Sandy Wager is a member of The Association of British Naive Artists and has exhibited her work in Bristol, Plymouth, Portsmouth, St Ives, Devon, Cornwall, Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire and has sold her work to collectors in Australia, Italy, Belgium and America.
Sandy Wager
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The balcony of freedom

Oil on Linen, 71 x 96 cm.

Rock pools necklace

Three pieces of sea glass mounted in vintage and modern beads set in a bead woven necklace with crystals and larger beads.

  • Sandy W Hi Ley, for some reason I cannot seem to add a connection, even the FB and Twitter won't work. Love your work and have added you to my Pinterest Plymouth & South West Artists board. :) 8 years ago..

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  • Ley Thanks Sandy, I'll have a look for that pa I literally joined wonderstreet yesterday so most of it is a mystery on Pinterest. 8 years ago..

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  • Ley Ooh don't know what happened there it should say page on Pinterest, seems to have jumped a couple of lines. 8 years ago..

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  • Sandy W It all seems to be working now Ley :) x 8 years ago..

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  • Ley thanks Sandy 8 years ago..

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Strawberry bon bons

Lima, peru

50cm x 65cm


Tess is a commissioned original oil painting on linen canvas whichunframed measures 12

Kneeling clear angel

The bearable lightness of being

Dancing on thin ice

Leaving chester

Acrylic painting.

Steam rally

Steam rally on a summers day in the 60's.

Fishing at glovers mill

A group of children enjoy a day at their favourite fishing spot. Acrylic painting.

Arriving at the seaside. 1960's

Acrylic painting.

To school on a foul morning.

Acrylic painting.

A good day for fishing.

Oil painting.

Waiting for the train.

acrylic painting of a station in the late 50's.

A day by the river.


Land girls

Lunch and a chat for some, while others toil and two of the girls wave to the Lancasters coming in to land at a nearby airfield.

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