Rose Di Mascio
Rose Di Mascio
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Streptocarpus harlequin damsel

Streptocarpus blue leyla


Watercolour. 580x450mm.

Moth on hawthorn

Watercolour. 700x500mm.

Common holly

Watercolour. 300x780mm.

Hawthorn and ladybirds


Gouache on board. Original 235 x 300mm.


Enamel on board. Original 280x360mm. Print 243 x 315mm.

Delaval hall statue 1

Acrylic on board. 450x710mm.

Delaval hall statue 2

Acrylic on board. 430x710mm.

Face of statue at delaval hall

Acrylic on board. 320x340mm.

The couple

Oil on canvas. Original 920x1250mm. Print 245 x 310mm.


Oil on canvas. 920x1250mm.

Dead tree

Watercolour. Original 410x620mm. Print 270 x 455mm.


Watercolour. 130x170mm.

Seaton burn

Watercolour. 145x120mm.


Oil on board. Original 510x410mm. Print 360 x 292mm.

Tree face

Watercolour. Original 340x490mm. Print 270 x 400mm.


Oil on canvas. 920x1250mm.


Oil on canvas. 650x660mm.

Passing through

Oil on canvas. 930x700mm.

King edwards bay

Acrylic. Original 610x560mm. Print 360 x 322mm.


Oil on Canvas. Original 640x800mm. Print 295 x 380mm.

Seaton sluice

Watercolour. Original 640x400mm. Print 380 x 255mm.

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