Rob Nesbitt
Self taught published cartoonist - have been drawing cartoons since I could remember. Member of the cartoonists Club of Great Britain. My favourite cartoonists are Carl Giles, Grenville Jones (GREN) and Peter Maddocks amongst others. I am an ex fire officer and play in a brass band & have been playing brass nearly as long as I have been doodling and cartooning. I live in Nelson South Wales with Wife Joanna and two kids (one at home and in Uni' costing me a fortune!)
Rob Nesbitt
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Andorra's Box Book Cover Design

From Rob Nesbitt

Added 3 years ago on Nezzy Cartoons
Andorra's Box Book Cover Design

Nezzy Cartoons

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I recently co-wrote this childrens adventure story and illustrated the book cover. Self published published on Amazon kindle

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