Rob Nesbitt
Self taught published cartoonist - have been drawing cartoons since I could remember. Member of the cartoonists Club of Great Britain. My favourite cartoonists are Carl Giles, Grenville Jones (GREN) and Peter Maddocks amongst others. I am an ex fire officer and play in a brass band & have been playing brass nearly as long as I have been doodling and cartooning. I live in Nelson South Wales with Wife Joanna and two kids (one at home and in Uni' costing me a fortune!)
Rob Nesbitt
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Nezzy Cartoons

10 images

Andorra's box book cover design

I recently co-wrote this childrens adventure story and illustrated the book cover. self published published on amazon kindle

Ceramic cartoon figure

Super sculpey used to convert my cartoon drawings into 3d figures

Kidnapped cornet player

Appeared in brass band world magazine


Created for a blog post looking at how to get ideas for cartoonists

'there's nothing in the rules that says he can't

Appeared in brass band world magazine

Plumbers leaky euphonium

Watercolour and ink cartoon.

Salvation army band snowmen

This was created for a christmas card design

If brass band competition had pit stops!

Published in brass band world magazine

Christmas brass band cartoon

Published in brass band world magazine


Appeared in brass band world magazine.

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