Richard Heley
I write and perform poetry and whacky, surreal, tall tales. I get lost in my dreamworld and let it spill out onto the canvas. line drawing has been on of my consistent practices and its skills come into the artwork with flowing brushwork and wild abandon. creating artwork, for me, is about letting go, allowing all of your experiences fall onto the canvas and holding yourself in the absolute concentration of the moment "now". possible.
Richard Heley
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The buskers

Acrylic on canvas. 60x60cm.

I saw her thru my window

Oilpastel and acrylic on board.

70 x 50cm.

Derbyshire landscape

Acrylic on paper.

60 x 80 cm.

Eyes of the universe

acrylic on paper 42x59cm.
Sometimes i feel like I am just one pair of the eyes of the universe observing itself, changing from moment to moment.


Acrylic & pastel on paper.

H60 x W 80cm.

Birth growth decay

Acrylic on canvas.


Holding life's illusion

Acrylic on board.

122 x 122 cm.


Mixed media on paper.


Welcome to circus earth

Acrylic on canvas. 183 x 152cm.

Landscape 4

Mixed media on paper.

60 x 80cm.

Waking the wilderness

Acrylic on board.

60 x 60 cm.


Acrylic on paper.

60 x 80 cm.

The guitarist

60x80 cm.

Acrylic on paper.

The gardeners design for the backyard

Acrylic on board.

91x88 cm.

The maze of love

Acrylic on board.

152x183 cm.


102 x 61 cm.

Flower garden pond

58 x 65 cm.

Acrylic on board.

The last ones

Mixed media on paper.

60x80 cm.

Like a lamb

Acrylic on board.

61 x 65 cm.

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