Best Pencil Case

Pencil cases are invaluable to anyone who uses pencils on a daily basis.

Whether you’re just starting out with colored pencils or are a professional, a well-made pencil case with plenty of room and order can help you know where every color is at all times. 

Is there anything worse than ruining a perfectly good drawing by accidentally using the wrong color? Your muscle memory reaches for a blue pencil and unknowingly picks up a red.

If this has happened to you then you are painfully aware of the struggle of a low-quality pencil case with no compartments. 

Best Pencil Case

To avoid this, we have found the five best pencil cases on the market. We’ve also focused on practicality, durability, and portability for your convenience.

If you want to know more about what to look out for when comparing different pencil cases, make sure to stick around for the buyers guide below. 

In a hurry? 

After our research into the pencil case market, we can confidently say that the best option out there is the EASTHILL Large Capacity Pencil Case.

Here are a few of the reasons why this model swayed our decision:

  • There is a carry strap for easy transportation. 
  • Easily accessible area for your favorite pens. 
  • Choose between six lovely patterns and colors.


EASTHILL Big Capacity Pencil Pen Case Office College School Large Storage High Bag Pouch Holder Box Organizer Yellow Orange

EASTHILL is a widely reputable brand that makes high-quality and durable pencil cases. This model comes in an interesting triangular shape with two compartments.

The patterns to choose from are either geometric or plain, and there are six options to choose from. No matter which you opt for, we guarantee that you’ll get tons of compliments!

The front compartment opens up and unveils a window inside the main compartment. Instead of rooting around for too long trying to find one particular pen you can use the window to help you find what you need.

The pencil case is made from canvas and cotton which is incredibly durable. There are small pockets for miniature scissors, gluesticks, and sticky notes.

There is also a place for you to keep your frequently used pens so that you can grab them quickly.


  • Six stylish patterns to choose from.
  • Carry strap.
  • Very easy to find what you’re looking for.
  • A specific place for frequently used pens.


  • Might not fit extra-long pencils. 


Homecube Pencil Case Big Capacity Pen Marker Holder Pouch Box Makeup Bag Oxford Cloth Large Storage Stationery Organizer with Zipper for School Office - Gray

The Homecube Pencil Case is large and fits up to 60 pens and pencils at once. It is made up of one large compartment with smaller inserts for other pieces of stationery.

There is a mesh pocket, a plastic pouch perfect for highlighters, and a pen holder wide enough for five pens. 

The material is high-quality Oxford fabric and therefore durable and scratch-resistant. It’s also very easy to clean so it doesn’t matter too much if you get it dirty.

There are seven bright colors to choose from, each equipped with a grey zipper and a logo on the front. 

If you find that you don’t like the divider in the pencil case you can remove it from the case thanks to the Velcro clasp. This model measures in at 8.74 x 4.3 x 2.17 inches, making it long enough to house even extra-long pencils and pens. 


  • Fits up to 60 pens. 
  • Scratch-resistant material.
  • Removable dividers.


  • There is only one large compartment.


EASTHILL Big Capacity Pencil Pen Case Office College School Large Storage High Bag Pouch Holder Box Organizer Yellow Orange

Another EASTHILL pencil case on our list, this model measures in at 8.66 x 4.13 x 2.56 inches. You’ll be able to carry up to 50 pens and 90 pencils, as well as small pieces of stationery such as sticky notes and glue sticks.

There is a zippered mesh pocket to house your most important pens and pencils, a separator with five pen holders attached to it, and a large main compartment.

There is a zipper that allows you to fold down or expand the size of the pencil case, depending on how much capacity you need.

This is the upgraded version of a pencil case that has been being developed for over ten years. You’ll certainly be getting one of the best pencil cases imaginable if it's been in the works for over a decade!


  • A great sized capacity of up to 90 pencils.
  • Plenty of places to keep your favorite stationery.
  • Adjust the size of the case depending on your needs. 


  • The color might be different from the image.


ANGOOBABY Large Pencil Case Big Capacity 3 Compartments Canvas Pencil Pouch for Teen Boys Girls School Students (Black)

The ANGOOBABY pencil case measures in at 8.7 x 2.5 x 3.5 inches and can hold anywhere from 30 to 75 pencils, depending on their thickness.

The case consists of one large compartment and two slimmer compartments that are designed to hold frequently used pens and small bits such as erasers. 

The high-quality zippers glide open and closed easily and without hassle. There is also a nice charm attached to help you open the zipper in style.

The canvas material is durable and easily washable, and it’s also lightweight and very portable. 

Use the ANGOOBABY pencil case for a number of different things such as stationery and makeup. There are four patterns to pick from which are made up of different colors, so you’re sure to find one that you love. 


  • A capacity of up to 75 pencils. 
  • High-quality materials used. 
  • Four interesting and unique patterns to choose from.


  • One customer found that the material was thinner than expected.


Large Pencil Case Big Capacity Pencil Bag Large Storage Pouch 3 Compartments Desk Organizer Marker Pen Case Simple Stationery Bag Pencil Holder (Pink)

This model measures in at 8.7 x 3.1x 3.9 inches and comes in six lovely colors and patterns.

You can house up to 50 thin pencils within the case, which is excellent for people who like to carry around every piece of stationery they own.

Three compartments can be found in this pencil case, each of which can be used for different types of pens and pencils.

There are also plenty of small pockets on the inside of these compartments that can house cards and sticky notes.

The high-quality canvas structure is durable and waterproof. You can also wash the case without any hassle and the zippers are extremely reliable.

There are pen holders, zippered mesh pockets, and a sling for decoration.


  • Six colors to choose from.
  • Three compartments for easy organization.
  • High-quality components all round. 


  • The two side compartments are much smaller than the middle pocket. 

Best Pencil Case Buying Guide

Now that we’ve taken a look into the five best pencil cases on the market, let’s discuss what you should look out for when considering which pencil case you’re going to purchase.

Bearing these factors in mind will ensure that you don’t accidentally purchase a low-quality model or one that is not optimized for your needs. 


Pencil cases come in all shapes and sizes depending on what they’re used for. So, we ask what you are planning on using the pencil case for.

If you’re choosing a pencil case for your child to take to school, you might not need the biggest option on the market as it might not fit in their school bag. 

However, if you are looking for a pencil case for professional use and need to keep your entire collection in one place, you should look for the largest pencil case possible. Don’t automatically opt for a big pencil case if you don’t need one; however.

They can be very cumbersome and stressful which is unnecessary if you only need a medium-sized case. 

Number of Compartments

The larger the pencil case, the more compartments you’re likely to receive within the case. These can be used to separate your pencils and pens or anything else you like to keep in your case.

We like the idea of separating each color within a compartment so that every pencil is in its right place. 

Determine how many compartments you want and look for a pencil case accordingly. However, make sure that you inspect the images before committing to one pencil case.

While a model could state that it has ten compartments, seven of these could be smaller that would only fit a few sticky notes. 


When you purchase something you want it to last for a long time, right? We don’t spend our valuable money on a purchase that is expected to break within a couple of days. A pencil case is no different. You should ensure that the model you are considering is as durable as possible. 

For instance, the material needs to be strong and rugged enough to withstand any wear and tear. If you’re going to be traveling around with your case every day, sooner or later the pencil case is going to become weathered. This is a part of life, but you’d rather it be later in the case’s life cycle. 

Similarly, zippers are a big thing to consider. Low-quality zippers can break within a few uses and hinder your artistic ability rather than help it. Once a zipper is broken, it’s almost impossible to fix them again. So, you’ll have to endure a faulty zipper for the rest of the time that you use the pencil case. 

We would advise you to look at some of the previous customer testimonials about each pencil case that you’re considering. Past customers are certain to tell you about anything that they weren’t happy with, so you can trust their opinions.

Taking these reviews into consideration could prevent you from having to deal with a flimsy pencil case. 

Color Options

What color are you hoping to get your pencil case in? Although the color doesn’t affect the performance of the case, it doesn’t hurt to be able to get one in your favorite color.

Some pencil cases come in a variety of colors and patterns for you to choose from, so you’re almost guaranteed to get one that you’re happy with. 

Bear in mind that some of the colors will be different from the images. Again, you can check customer reviews to see whether the colors are altered. If they are different from the images, you might want to take this as a sign to be cautious. 

While not all pencil cases are low-quality if the colors are altered, there is sometimes cause for concern when the advertisement is not accurate with the product.

It’s up to you whether you trust that the quality of the pencil case is going to outweigh the potential to receive it in a different color. 


While pencil cases are relatively inexpensive and unlikely to break the bank, you should still consider the price point when comparing different pencil cases.

As with anything, the higher the price point usually equates to the quality of the product. So, if you opt for a higher-end model you’re likely to get a higher quality case. 

Having said that, it’s not always a sure thing that you’re going to receive a high-quality case if you pay a premium price. There are some manufacturers that hike up the price point of their pencil cases for no reason.

So, choose a pencil case with great reviews rather than a high price point. This will give you a better chance of finding the best pencil case for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pencil case used for? 

A pencil case is a container that you keep all of your stationery. They are usually small enough to fit into a bag so that you can carry all of your pencils and pens around. You can also fit sharpeners, glue sticks, sticky notes, erasers, rulers, and scissors within them. 

Pencil cases are used by people of all ages to keep their writing equipment close to them at all times. You never know when you’re going to need a pen, right? 

How do you keep your pencil case organized?

Once you’ve chosen your pencil case you can begin to organize the compartments so that you know where everything is going to be kept.

You should lay everything that you want to fit into the pencil case out on a flat surface. Make sure everything fits into the pencil case first so that you’re not struggling to squish everything in. 

The next step depends on how many compartments your pencil case has. If you have over three compartments you can assign one to each type of equipment. For example, compartment one can house pencils, two can hold pens, and three your colored pencils. 

Alternatively, if you don’t have enough compartments to break everything up like this you can use elastic bands to band the pens, pencils, and colored pencils together. Doing this will allow you to be able to find different stationery much easier. 

Being able to find a big clump of pencils is much easier than finding just one thin pencil in a sea of stationary. Now fit the elasticated clumps of pencils into your case however you prefer them to sit. We would advise you to organize your pencil case every week. 

It is so easy to take out a pencil and once you’re done just throw it back into the pencil case without replacing it back into the clump. Before you know it you’ll find that all of your stationery is mixing together and the elastic bands are floating uselessly at the bottom of the case.

How do you wash a pencil case?

Sooner or later you’re going to need to clean your pencil case. A pen might have exploded all over your case or the pencils might have begun scribbling on the inside material.

A dirty pencil case can look very unprofessional and unflattering, so it’s important to wash it now and then to get all of the dirt and germs off of the fabric.

Firstly you should empty all of the compartments and set them aside. You can clean all of these pieces before putting them back into the case later.

Shake out all of the dirt and old pencil shavings into a bin. You can use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the interior of the case to ensure that any loose dirt has been removed. 

If this is the first time you’re cleaning the case or it needs a deep clean, fill a bowl with hot water, and add a small amount of laundry detergent. Submerge the pencil case for around 25 minutes and rinse with water. This should remove most of the dirt or at least unclog it. 

If the case still has an odor that you want rid of, dissolve five tablespoons of baking soda to a quart of water and leave the case in the mixture for a few minutes. Rinse again and you should be pleasantly surprised at how deodorized your case now is. 

Finally, if there are still ink stains refusing to leave the material you can try applying rubbing alcohol onto the inked area. Leave the rubbing alcohol to sit for a few minutes before rinsing. If that doesn’t work you can try nail polish remover. 

Leave the case to air dry completely once you’re happy with the cleanliness of the material. We would recommend you spot clean your pencil case every week or two to avoid having to deep clean it over and over again. Too many deep cleans might compromise the stitching. 

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