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Phil Pierre
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Labyrinth of love

Laid back

Late summer walk

Sea changes

Handspun & Natural Dyed Shetland Wool, Silk.

Full circle

Mixed media on gallery box canvas

Dark skies


Bike side view

Transference of life

An original Sussex inspired oil painting on a large canvas of the light through an autumn forest. with deer in the background. It is a painting about hope and anticipation. It is warm and expressionist in style, painted in thick yellow, orange and red hues with another layer of trees in lilac behind them. 40 x 40 x 1.5 inches, deep edge canvas, edges dark maroon.

Looking through ____woodland view

A fabric wall hanging 52cm x 37cm. Cotton background with beads, organza, wool and free machine embroidery, and lined.

On my way to the island of love

Tree of life-platinum

Unique Edition of 295. Image size - 27" x37". Framed in silver with white slip. Also available in an Extra Large. Image size - 38" x 60". Unique Edition of 50.


Grow your own

Signed Limited Edition Gicl

Forms ii

28 x 60 in. Acrylic on Canvas

Rio beach



Swell Sofa 3 Seater - Grey Colour

The 'arc' pool table

Designed to incorporate modern, straight-line edges with historically architectural curves. Inspired by the combination of the geometric angles created by billiard 'balls as they strike cushion after cushion, and the fine detail presented by the contrasting inlays, 'The Arc' has a mathematical simplicity with a visually hypnotic appeal. This is a design which appeals to the senses of touch and vision, but most of all the imagination.

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