Neil Ferguson

Neil Ferguson’s interests include: structuring personal “art systems” employing rules and strategies to track small thoughts and imagining through act. These approaches look to engage with the politics of looking, thinking and making to explore connections with an audience. These works often utilize sets and extensive series of images.
Neil Ferguson
  • Artist
  • UK
  • Verified
  • Edinburgh College of Art, Goldsmiths' College,London, Guildhall University, London 1973-2000 Painting, Drawing and Fine Art in Edinburgh 1973-77 PG in Fine Art Goldsmiths' College 1978-79 MA Fine Art, London Guildhall University 1999-2000
  • Edinburgh College of Art, Godsmiths' College , London, London Guildhall University. 1973-2000
  • Abbey Austin Rome Scholar 1997

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