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60s Glass Lamp

Science at home!

The coffee machine functions as a regular drip coffee machine, yet transforms into a spectrometer to analyse materials.

Lady armchair

Elegant low-style armchair with deep comfort seat and lumbar support cushion upholstered in fabric or leather. Solid walnut frame with hard leather stripes on the back available in the following combinations: naturale and moro leather, fumo and sierra leather, vintage and bruciato leather, moro with moro hard leather stripes

  • MyFriendsHouse Really like the shape of these frames - do you have images of the fabric finish version? 5 years ago..

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  • DesigniTures Hi MyFriendsHouse We at designitures thank you for your recent comments on our luxury furniture. Please visit our website 5 years ago..

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  • DesigniTures We have many finishes for our bespoke furniture and we would be grateful if you could let us know the fabric finishes you like to see the VERDESIGN LADY ARMCHAIR in. Hope to hear from you soon. Regards 5 years ago..

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  • MyFriendsHouse Thank you. I just had a look and it was great to see the leather detail on the back, which I hadn't picked up before. Really nice. 5 years ago..

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  • DesigniTures Thank you MyFriendsHouse! share our website and help us connect with people like MyFriendsHouse 5 years ago..

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