Mary Stubberfield
I live in Eastbourne on the South Coast and am a painter and illustrator. Favourite subjects include nature, cats and the seaside. My work is published on greetings cards, jigsaw puzzles and wall art in the UK and USA.
Mary Stubberfield
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Swooping sawallows

Pen and watercolour wash. SOLD. Available as a greeting card please contact me for details.

Honesty bronze

Availible for purchase direct. Please contact me for details.

'in love with the sea'

Oil on canvas 40x30cm.

October dreams

A wonderfully layered watercolour celebrating Autumn. Available privately please contact me for details.

Roadside poppies

Hand printed reduction linocut 30x20cm.

Trow pool reflection

Hand printed reduction linocut 30x20cm. SOLD OUT.

Winter leaves

Hand printed reduction linocut 30x20cm.

Waiting for the rainbow

Oil on Linen, 100 x 100 cm.

Persha on the moonstone
Price for original painting: $2345
Size: 45 H x 35 W cm

Price for original painting: $5212
Size: 54 H x 70 W cm

Flying home

24" x 36" Kerry Darlington Unique Edition

September wedding

A commission piece to celebrate a bride's wedding and her 30th Birthday. Prints are available


Pink flamingo wall coverings
Size: 10.05 H x 52 W cm

From the exclusive Artist Collection by Jacqui Joseph Designs, we are proud to bring you our magnificent Pink Flamingo wallcovering featuring the exceptional work of the Artist & Illustrator Kim Anderson.



Oils and Mixed Media on Canvas 30x30cm

A tree full of love

New Release Feb 2017 Edition of 195

Two boys with a dog and a boat

Oil on Linen, 54 x 65 cm.

  • Is there a reason the shadows on the everything but the dog are in a different direction? 3 years ago..

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