Nicholas Ian (Ink Druid) Marsan
Nicholas Ian (Ink Druid) Marsan
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Smoke Between Great Men

Marsan Arts Pieces

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Size: 48 H x 72 W inches

6ft x 4ft Smoke Between Great Men, commissioned piece.

The client (a vocalist buddy from the old days) inspired by his love of cigars, asked for a painting that included J.F.K. and Castro interacting in some way which included the smoking of cigars, but the rest was pretty much up to me.

Considering the characters involved, I wanted to capture that moment where it appeared that Castro had just spoken and was then taking a pull on his cigar while Kennedy’s face was reacting to what he said.

The client and I both liked the idea that the conversation could have been anything from a dirty joke to world politics; interpretation completely up to the viewer.

This painting is a survivor of the Diego Martin flood of 2012, and was actually rescued moments before it was lost.

Halfway through this piece, I fell terribly ill and, with no exaggeration, nearly lost my life and finished it while recovering from major surgery and in possession of a new lease on life that I think was captured within its finishing touches.


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