Nicholas Ian (Ink Druid) Marsan
Nicholas Ian (Ink Druid) Marsan
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The players
Size: 36 H x 72 W cm

6ft x 3ft The Players, commissioned piece.

The client, inspired by his love of the lighting in the painting Smoke Between Great Men, wanted portraits of all of his regular poker buddies and business associates with that dramatic flair.

Two or three visits for photos later, because everyone could not be there at the same time on any given day, I had my reference shots.

I wish I had a pic of it as it is mounted as it ended up in a perfectly complimentary frame. Of course, the client is in the painting...see if you can figure out which he is.

Trinidad carnival portrait
Size: 14 H x 10 W cm

10" x 14" 2012 Commissioned Portrait.
Another special piece for me as it is my first painted portrait. All my former portraits have been pencil or charcoal.

Smoke between great men
Size: 48 H x 72 W inches

6ft x 4ft Smoke Between Great Men, commissioned piece.

The client (a vocalist buddy from the old days) inspired by his love of cigars, asked for a painting that included J.F.K. and Castro interacting in some way which included the smoking of cigars, but the rest was pretty much up to me.

Considering the characters involved, I wanted to capture that moment where it appeared that Castro had just spoken and was then taking a pull on his cigar while Kennedy’s face was reacting to what he said.

The client and I both liked the idea that the conversation could have been anything from a dirty joke to world politics; interpretation completely up to the viewer.

This painting is a survivor of the Diego Martin flood of 2012, and was actually rescued moments before it was lost.

Halfway through this piece, I fell terribly ill and, with no exaggeration, nearly lost my life and finished it while recovering from major surgery and in possession of a new lease on life that I think was captured within its finishing touches.

Spanish guitar
Size: 24 H x 36 W inches

3ft x 2ft Spanish Guitar, self-portrait.

The first thing I painted for myself since I was in school. After diving into the music scene straight out of school (a graphic artist by day - rock singer by night) I eventually settled down, had a baby girl and decided to stay out of live performance or I'd never see my daughter. This is me missing music as I got back into art.

After this, I was flooded by commissions and haven't painted anything 'for me' again as of yet 21 Oct 2018.

Balandra river - trinidad
Size: 30 H x 24 W inches

24" x 30" Balandra River

One of my best friends sister Natalie commissioned this one from me. I can't remember doing many landscapes, so I have to thank her and Marc (mentioned best friend) for pushing me to do this one. Thanks Nats.

This is a scene close to the Thavenot House for rent in Balandra. I believe it's an iconic scene for many a Trini.

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