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Margaret Higginson
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The sea (mersea)

Oil on Canvas. 110cm x 70 cm.

Beijing elevator


Yellow sparkle

Size 18".

Space hopper space hopping
Price for original painting: $1889
Size: 121 H x 90 W x 3 cm

Painting: Oil on Canvas. Size: 47.6 H x 35.4 W x 1.2 in

Human sculptures

Absoprtion of colour and space

Egg piece

230x220x30 cm.

+ 1

Dimensions: w 18cm x h 20cm x d 18cm. Media: Bronze.

Blackpool illuminations centenary

Hand forged exterior geckos page


Steel-mesh portraiture of Bede (an English monk at the monastery of Saint Peter at Monkwearmouth) Bede


Mid century inspired art


Eggshell and Mixed Media, 10x10x5cm.

Lucent lines

Yellow Line Field is a site specific installation made especially for the Ffloc gallery at the University of Wales, Newport. It uses just two elements, plastic coated washing line and light, to create a vivid field of colour that dominates the darkened room. The yellow lengths of line are arranged vertically on the wall and are backlit to provide the only source of light in the space.

Paris 8

38 x 38 x 152.4 cm Steel

Exotic frog

Four lobed form



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