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Malcolm Images

49 images

Barry island beach

Oil on board.

Penarth cliff tops

Oil on board.

Roath mill gardens

Oil on board.

Cardiff bay

Oil on board.

Cardiff bay

Oil on board.

Title bank holiday plein air painting penarth 12inchx 12inch oil on panel

The pier

The pier. 8 x 10 inch. oil on board.

Bristol channel

Bristol channel oil on board 6x9inch.

The cliff path and channel

8 x 24 inch. oil on board.

On location penarth pier

8x24inch. oil on board. plein air painting.

Penarth view

Plein air painting cardiff bay. oil on board. 8x26inch.

Barry island

Oil on board. 6inch x 16inch. barry island.

The bath bun

Title the bath bun bath england. dimensions 28inch x 12inch . oil paint on canvas.

Title self portrait

Oil on canvas 24inch by 18inch.

Tittle the pianist

Title pianist . acrylic on board. dimensions 29x39.

Managuan head with brown paper bag

Acrylic on canvas 16inch x 24inch.

Penarth esplanade

12inch x 24inch.

Uptown park water colour and indian ink

18inch x 12inch.

The pianist cardiff castle

24 inch x 24 inch. oil on board.

Fowey cornwall

Oil on board, 12 inch x 14 inch.

Upton park

Oil on canvas - width 182 cm x height 121 cm.

Statue of eros

Oil on canvas - width 121 cm x height 91 cm.

Self portrait with family members

Oil on canvas - width 182 cm x height 152 cm.

Cardiff ninian park football grounds

Oil on canvas.

Blind man at a funeral

Oil on canvas.

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