Lizzie Hall
My name is Lizzie Hall and I live in the most northerly part of Cardiff, South Wales, which is great because we can stand on the mountain behind us and look right over Cardiff down to the sea.
Lizzie Hall
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Honey the golden retriever painting
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    This is "Honey" my golden retriever painting.
    My original painting of my golden retriever measures 12.25 x 16.4 inches. It is painted onto canvas board. It can be seen on my easel in the last of the above photographs.Please note that the blue colour at the top left of the painting has separated beaseu I removed gthe varnish to repaint the background. But I didnt remove the varnish well enough. Having painted this picture, I know it is a flaw but it may not be obvious to others and I personally dont think it spoils the painting. However, this painting is heavily discounted as a result.
    Paper prints are available in the blue.
    The canvas 8x11 prints come in the cream.

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