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Peter Walters is an artist and award winning author/illustrator of children's books, living in North Cornwall, UK.
Peter Walters
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'I think we all ought to play Poohsticks!' (SOLD OUT)

From Peter Walters

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'I think we all ought to play Poohsticks!' (SOLD OUT)

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Size: 8 H x 8 W x 0.02 inches

' "I think we all ought to play Poohsticks.!"
So they did. ' - A.A. Milne
This limited edition artwork is one from a series inspired by A. A. Milne's great treasure trove of classic stories and poems for children. These unforgettable tales feature in many a childhood, and which were prominent in my own.
Using a technique that merges a background of traditional illustration with digital art, these unique artworks capture moments from children's classics in a new and captivating dimension.


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