Lisa Vallo
I am a contemporary artist generally specialising in producing bespoke and unique images to complement stylish interiors. I've been passionate about art for a long as I can remember and have achieved my ambition of becoming a professional and international selling artist. Success has multiplied and my work features in the homes and private collections of art lovers worldwide. I am well known for my innovative use of unusual but complementary materials and techniques.
Lisa Vallo
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Mid-Century Madness
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    Very large mid-century inspired piece, measuring 6 feet x 2 feet or 185cm x 61cm x 4 cm depth!
    Buy in these colours(the grey tones) OR... you commission me to create your perfect colour match, at no extra cost to you!!! See the last couple of images for different colour combinations! Just message me if you're interested!
    Made on a box canvas frame and comes ready to hang. Designed to add ultimate style to any room. Created over a large box canvas frame with mixed media including perspex.
    Original, Mixed Media on Canvas.

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