Boucherouite 174 (close-up)

Boucherouite 172 (close-up)

Boucherouite 174 (close-up)

Boucherouite 178 (detail)

Boucherouite 180 (detail)

Boucherouite 180 (close-up)

1970's beni ouarain 181 (tassels)

1970's beni ouarain 181 (tassels)

1970's beni ouarain 181

Rare 1970's rug - BENI OUARAIN 181 - with antique CLAY POT 191

Custom beni ouarain 202 (tassels)

Custom beni ouarain 202 (detail)

New Beni Ouarain rugs are becoming increasingly popular in the world of interior design and contemporary homes as they can be made to any size and you can even design your own pattern. Beldi Rugs is very proud to offer an exclusive "Made to Order" Beni Ouarain service - any size, any pattern. Made with only the finest grade of natural sheep's wool.

Turaco dance

January special

Half the price for a designed room.


Magical sofa

Original ball mason jars

with a mix of styles and colour (clear or blue). All jars are old original and most have the date on them.

Vintage textile bobbins

Classic kitchen


Silk clematis


Labyrinth of the Transaction

Wild horses, 2011



Bespoke furniture design

Bespoke furniture design