I'm a graphic designer by training, I did very little design work after my degree. I started making jewellery around 10 years ago after finding a book on bead weaving in the library where I work. I have had a collection of vintage beads for years, some I bought and some from elderly relatives collections passed on to me, had a sudden inspiration to use sea glass with the beads. I am an avid reader and love films. I live with my cat in Devon, I have two great adult kids and a gorgeous grandson.
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Rock Pools Necklace

From Ley

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Rock Pools Necklace

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Three pieces of sea glass mounted in vintage and modern beads set in a bead woven necklace with crystals and larger beads.


  • Sandy Wager Hi Ley, for some reason I cannot seem to add a connection, even the FB and Twitter won't work. Love your work and have added you to my Pinterest Plymouth & South West Artists board. :)4 years ago..

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  • Ley Thanks Sandy, I'll have a look for that pa I literally joined wonderstreet yesterday so most of it is a mystery yet.ge on Pinterest.4 years ago..

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  • Ley Ooh don't know what happened there it should say page on Pinterest, seems to have jumped a couple of lines.4 years ago..

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  • Sandy Wager It all seems to be working now Ley :) x4 years ago..

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  • Ley thanks Sandy4 years ago..

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