Laurence Pusey
Holidays in Greece awakened me to a use of a high colour key, looking at one of my paintings should be an experience. I like to use pattern while retaining depth and landscape. Interview with Laurence Pusey
Laurence Pusey
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a balance of sunlit red and white flowers set in a landscape; the vertical stems give structure to the composition 20 x 20inch £500

Orange grove with chapel £650

An orange grove in Cyprus and I loved the chapel above 28 x 25 inch oil on board

Gated bourganvillia £1250

This painting in oil is progressed from a scene near Paphos, Cyprus 59 x 45 inch

Hollihocks £500

24 x 20 inch oil on board

Autumn cow parsley

the cart track leads the eye into the landscape while the frmework of the dry plants pulls you forward again 28 x 24 inch £600

Hedge in autumn

a strong framework of branches supports the golden leaves against a winter landscape 20 x 24 £450

Jacaranda, paphos, cyprus - SOLD

the blue jacaranda blossom is stunning
24 X 20 inch

A chapel on cyprus

I liked the asymetric composition which breaks the rules, fun to paint £600 30 x 24 inch

Rose patterns

A painting based on flowers in my not-too-well-kept garden £500

The tree of life hyde park, leeds

I saw this sapling with the morning light bursting through the young leaves and knew I had to paint it 30 x 20 inch £650

Floral cyprus

A chance for a good block of rich pattern grounded by some landscape detail. £685

Farm track in the wolds £750

The Yorkshire Wolds near Filey. I wanted to paint this because of the flowering hawthorne splitting the two distinct backgrounds; one side going into the painting the other horizontal flattening the perspective.

Cyprus farmland with purple cliffs £550
Size: 17 H x 23 W inches

I wanted plenty of rich colour with loose brushstokes leaving much for the imagination to work on


I wanted to make a bold statement, a splash of floating red shapes balanced against a simple lanscape £550

Floral paphos £650

28 x 24 inch oil on canvas

The mediterranean thistle

28 x 24 oil on canvas. £650

Cyrprus blue flowers £500

24 x 20 inch oil on canvas

Only a rose

24 x 28 inch £650

Tree on the bridlington road

This is quite a distinctive pine. I always look out for it. £450

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