Laurence Pusey
Holidays in Greece awakened me to a use of a high colour key, looking at one of my paintings should be an experience. I like to use pattern while retaining depth and landscape. Interview with Laurence Pusey
Laurence Pusey
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The flower border
Price for original painting: $521
Size: 15 H x 16 W inches

16 x 15 inch. £400.

Sunlit tree £750
Price for original painting: $847
Size: 59 H x 40 W inches

the sun breaking through the leaves is always something I want to paint. Here also there's the shadows and patterns on the ground.
Its actually a car park but the play of light transforms it into rhapsody.
oil on canvas

Rue saint - esprit. antibes
Price for original painting: $586
Size: 20 H x 24 W inches

Oil on board 24 x 20 inches.

The roman bridge; provence sold
Price for original painting: $521
Size: 30 H x 20 W inches

Oil on board 20 x 30 inch.

Cyprus, coastal fields
Price for original painting: $163
Size: 8 H x 8 W inches

one of a new series of small oils allowing more spontaneity
oil on board £185

Transformed by sunlight
Price for original painting: $586
Size: 15 H x 16 W inches

Oil on board 16 x 15 inches.

Healing in its wings
Price for original painting: $456
Size: 24 H x 20 W inches

This Biblical scene is ambiguous.

Seated woman with shawl £450
Size: 10 H x 6 W x 6 inches

Height 10 inch. Clay,acrylic, graphite

Silhouette of dreams
Price for original painting: $521
Size: 24 H x 18 W inches

The outline used in drawings does not exist in nature but here there really is an outline produced by the back lighting which also causes the model's hair to put her face into profile.
framed and under glass £400
24 x 18 inch

Gated bourganvillia £1250

This painting in oil is progressed from a scene near Paphos, Cyprus 59 x 45 inch

Only a rose

24 x 28 inch £650

Cyrprus blue flowers £500

24 x 20 inch oil on canvas

The mediterranean thistle

28 x 24 oil on canvas. £650

Floral paphos £650

28 x 24 inch oil on canvas


I wanted to make a bold statement, a splash of floating red shapes balanced against a simple lanscape £550

Cyprus farmland with purple cliffs £550
Size: 17 H x 23 W inches

I wanted plenty of rich colour with loose brushstokes leaving much for the imagination to work on

Farm track in the wolds £750

The Yorkshire Wolds near Filey. I wanted to paint this because of the flowering hawthorne splitting the two distinct backgrounds; one side going into the painting the other horizontal flattening the perspective.


a balance of sunlit red and white flowers set in a landscape; the vertical stems give structure to the composition 20 x 20inch £500

Jacaranda, paphos, cyprus - SOLD

the blue jacaranda blossom is stunning
24 X 20 inch

Hollihocks £500

24 x 20 inch oil on board

The tree of life hyde park, leeds

I saw this sapling with the morning light bursting through the young leaves and knew I had to paint it 30 x 20 inch £650

Rose patterns

A painting based on flowers in my not-too-well-kept garden £500

Orange grove with chapel £650

An orange grove in Cyprus and I loved the chapel above 28 x 25 inch oil on board

A chapel on cyprus

I liked the asymetric composition which breaks the rules, fun to paint £600 30 x 24 inch

Autumn cow parsley

the cart track leads the eye into the landscape while the frmework of the dry plants pulls you forward again 28 x 24 inch £600

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