Kristina Chan
"We cover the universe with drawings we have lived." -Bachelard The past and present reverberate before my eyes, flickering in and out of focus ignited, and extinguished in a single moment?it lives in perception?the ability to be seen, to appear natural and seamless, traces of creation lost in time, locked in the past. Able to reveal and conceal, playing on the anonymity of the city and the ingenuity of those inhabiting it. It is an evolution we can map, distort, and abstract.
Kristina Chan
  • UK
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50 x 90 x 5 cm Bronze

Topographics detail

Paris 14ème arrondissement

38 x 38 x 91.4 cm Steel

Paris 8ème arrondissement

38 x 38 x 152.4 cm Steel

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