Kate Steenhauer
Originally from the Netherlands, Kate’s diverse career path has taken her from semi-professional tennis, a PhD in Coastal Engineering to fine art. Now as a multi-award winning artist Kate explores cultural heritage, landmarks and industries. Kate’s projects examine life at the shipyards and heliport of the oil capital of Europe, tackle life behind the iconic whisky industry and a lifestock auction. Most recently she is collaborating with Opera Holland Park and maestro Matthew Waldren.
Kate Steenhauer
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Sentinel star in the dry dock
Price for original painting: $1629
Size: 35 H x 45 W cm

Oil painting 450 x 350mm.

Toisa valiant and the dock master
Price for original painting: $2606
Size: 50 H x 120 W cm

Oil painting - 1200 x 500mm.

A break through the clouds
Size: 12 H x 25 W cm

Watercolour, 250 x 120 mm.

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