Young artist, passionate about nature aiming to reflect the ever-changing natural world in my work. I like to work in acrylics putting a vast amount of emphasis on the use of colour. I am currently gaining inspiration from the mountainous landscape of North Wales where I am studying. I will be selling original artworks through my store but am also open to commissions.
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Abstract with leaves
Price for original painting: $512
Size: 42 H x 29.5 W cm

The artist has always been inspired by nature and in this piece experiments with including leaves and other natural forms in an abstract composition. She has augmented the colours to create a surreal atmosphere.

Hills before sunset
Price for original painting: $512
Size: 42 H x 29.5 W cm

The subject of this painting is the idyllic Welsh countryside where the artist enjoys to go walking and from which she gains much of her inspiration.

Snowscape at sunset
Price for original painting: $469
Size: 27.5 H x 39 W cm

The artist used oils to capture the dramatic shadows cast by this sunset over a snowy landscape. The focus is on the skyline and the beautiful colours that can be seen there.

Southern white faced owl
Price for original painting: $547
Size: 42 H x 42.5 W cm

Inspired by nature and the wildlife that surrounds us, the artist focused on colours and texture in this painting. She gave the owl in the painting a black background and central focal point to heighten the impact of the painting.

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