Henriette Busch
My work tries to capture the essence of things, mainly the essence of memories. My images and paintings reflect my interest in colour, layers, texture and mark making. When I draw or paint, I have often tried to work in monochrome, but keep returning to colour - probably because, to me, it can so well describe a particular mood or memory.
Henriette Busch
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After the harvest

Mixed media & pastels on Fabbriano paper, framed.


Mixed media on Fabbriano paper, framed.

Fantasy flower

Mixed media on Fabbriano paper, framed.

Woodland flower

Mixed media on Fabbriano paper, framed.

Blue harbour

Mixed media on canvas

Less is more

Onwards & upwards


Flow lines

Trees at night

Autumn walk

Pink, black & lines


Bridge in berlin

Winter walk

Night at the lake

Lake in moonlight

Purple patch

Rapeseed field


Paris bridge

Yellow rose

African skies


Split harbour

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