Gerry Miles
I am an artist specialising in landscape and aquatic subjects. I strive to capture the fleeting moods of nature through the control of tone and contrast and colour harmony and work principally in water mixable oils and acrylics.
Gerry Miles
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Gerry Images

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Racing bikes
Size: 45 H x 90 W cm

Training run through the early morning mist. 90cm x 45cm. oil on board.

Sea horses
Size: 61 H x 79 W cm

79cm x 61cm. oil on board.

Grouper & staghorn
Size: 61 H x 89 W cm

89cm x 61cm. oil on board.

The breaker
Size: 61 H x 85 W cm

85cm x 61cm. oil on board. winter storm at hope cove,

Frosty morning on the essche stroom
Size: 46 H x 90 W cm

90cm x 46cm. oil on board.

Cycling along the gagenlaan
Size: 61 H x 68 W cm

68cm x 61cm. oil on board.

Yellow crowned butterfly fish
Size: 52 H x 77 W cm

Oil on board.

Striped marlin
Size: 61 H x 166 W cm

166cm x 61cm. oil on board.

Semicircle angel fishes
Size: 61 H x 87 W cm

87cm x 61cm. oil on board.

Running the gauntlet
Size: 61 H x 70 W cm

70cm x 61cm. great white sharks cruising a fur seal colony. oil on board.

Dusky grouper
Size: 48.5 H x 81 W cm

81cm x 48.5cm. dusky grouper attacking a jewelled swimming crab. oil on board.

Sting ray city
Size: 52 H x 81 W cm

81cm x 52cm. atlantic sting rays in a shallow lagoon in grand cayman. oil on board.

West country garden - cotehele
Size: 61 H x 68 W cm

68cm x 61cm. the tudor mansion of cotehele lies on the banks of the tamar river in cornwall. oil on board.

Size: 61 H x 79 W cm

79cm x 61cm. a fishing boat returns to harbour after braving the november storms. oil on board.

Size: 61 H x 90 W cm

90cm x 61cm. returning to the mooring on the evening tide. oil on board.

The new pontoon at kingsbridge
Size: 61 H x 96 W cm

96cm x 61cm. the addition of a new pontoon at kingsbridge has enhanced the head of the estuary. acrylic on board.

Bull riding at the cody stampede
Size: 61 H x 78 W cm

78cm x 61cm. bull riding is the climax of the rodeo. oil on board.

Whale watching in la palma
Size: 50 H x 81 W cm

81cm x 50cm.a pod of pilot whales off the west coast of la palma. oil on board.

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