George Woodford
George Woodford
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Frog patrol

Close call

31"x25" Oil on board.

Team work

19 1/2" x 28 1/4". Oil on Board - Framed.

Dung beetle

18 1/2" x 21 3/4". Oil on Board.

Bill & koo

Cape kidnapper's gannets

20"x18". Oil On Board.

Shoreline starlings

Nankeen (night heron)

20½"x16, Oil on board.

Ring neck pheasant & daffodils

Oil on panel. Size 22" X 18 1/2". Framed.

Port hardy black bear

28"x20". Oil on board.

Sun bathers


28"x23". Oil on board.

Hog pile

Oil on Panel, Framed, Size 22 1/2" x 17 1/2".


22½"x 20½", water colour on rag paper.

'what?' - cape penguins

32¼"x21". Oil on Board - Framed.

Duckling ii

Snowy egret

27"x20". Oil on Canvas on Panel - Framed.

Country cousins

29"x22½". Oil on board.

Cygnus solar

20 1/2"x25". Oil on panel, Framed.


Antique weapon

18" x 22" - Oil on Panel - Framed.

Seasonal delicacy

22 ½"x 21 ½" - Oil on board - Unframed.

Close friends


27½"x22". Oil on board.

Snow leopard

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