Christine Walker
I am retired but passionate about abstract art, colour and image so I run mosaic workshops, carry out mosaic commisssions and in between paint in watercolour and acrylic. I exhibit in the South East. I have a degree in textile design and teaching qualifications.
Christine Walker
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Sussex downs

30 x 40cms.


Mosaic ceramic wall tiles.
66 x 86 cms.

Xmas joy


Ceramic Wall tiles on MDF with Acrylic and glitter grout.
58.5cm x 32.

Oh orange


25 cms x 63 cms.

The garden of mysterious delights

Ceramic tiles.
38 cms x 48 cms.

Antique lace

Ceramic wall tiles.
0.0cm x 0.0cm.


62 x 87 cms.

The winds of change

Vitreous glass on plywood.
35cm x 40cm.

The gully

Bathroom tiles.
60cm x 45cm.


Ceramic wall tiles on exterior plywood.
45cms diameter.



The garden of love

Mosaic and acrylic paint.
38 x 49 cms.

The fleeting moment of the herbaceous border

Bathroom tiles.
55 x 71 cms.

Chelsea gold 2014

Ceramic wall tiles.
66 x 87 cms.

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