Christine Walker
I am retired but passionate about abstract art, colour and image so I run mosaic workshops, carry out mosaic commisssions and in between paint in watercolour and acrylic. I exhibit in the South East. I have a degree in textile design and teaching qualifications.
Christine Walker
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Still life with lemons


Watercolour on canvas paper.

Summer honesty

26 x 33 cms.

Honesty and lilly

52 x 66 cms.

Still life with pumpkin

Water Colour.
38cms x 52cms.

The last rose

Water colour.
30 scm x 42scm.

Brightening up

Ink and acrylic on canvas.
46 cms x 46 cms.

February finds

52 x 66 cms.

Connie's christmas rose 2

Greeting Card.
8" x 6".

Sherbet dabs

Greetings Card.
6" x 8".

Stll life with pumpkin

Greetings Card.
6" x 8".

The church of konstantinos and eleni

Printed card from water colour.

The beach at tolo, greece

Card from water colour painting.
140 x 140 mm.


75 cms x 50 cms.

One wing
Price for original painting: $391
Size: 51 H x 40.3 W x 1.75 cm

Acrylic painting on framed canvas

Lace wing
Price for original painting: $391
Size: 41 H x 51 W x 1.5 cm

Acrylic painting on canvas with a frame bound by Liberty print cotton fabric

Hereford farm
Price for original painting: $228
Size: 45.5 H x 61.5 W x .3 cm

Acrylic on canvas board with pressed fern and gold gilt leaf.Unframed

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