Elena Dmitrenko
Elena Dmitrenko is an experienced Ukrainian painter. She identifies as a photo-realist, realist and impressionist painter, and predominately composes works centered on capturing the smallest details of recognizable experiences, settings and people
Elena Dmitrenko
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Doberman portrait 40 x 30 cm
Size: 40 H x 30 W x 1,5 cm

New photorealism,detailed oil painting
one of a kind
Sidse can be painted in colour you want or in tone of painting
-Will coated with 2 layers of finish varnish with
Matte effect ( your choose)

Packing into wooden box with wooden sides
Shipping price is for standart postal service

Can be sending via fast shipping servises Fedex, EMS or DHL (write me then before made a purchase)

First gift wrapped, personalised with sign stamp,
then protect it with special envelope
Open for commission artwork - any size, from any photo you send :)

Size: 30 H x 30 W x 1,5 cm

Photorealism/ Hyperrealism artwork
Side will painting in colour you want (black , silver, etc.)
Ready to hang
Painting will be coated with UV and Dust protective varnish with
-SATIN (matte)
- GLOSSY effect
You choose which you like :) <3
Certificate of Authenticity included
Packing it into Plywood box (gift wrapped)
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Open for commission artwork

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