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Ceramic sculptures and collages

31 images

Maritime bloom

Wild bloom flowing

Wild bloom yellow and blue 1

Wild bloom kiss

Wild bloom unfolding

Over the garden

Estuary view 3

Estuary view 2

Waterfall head

36 cm high.


39 cm high.

Rocky head 2

35 cm high.

Vase head

28 cm high.

Blue hartland head

32 cm high.

African head

Ceramic. 26 cm high.

Rocky head

28 cm high.


36 cm high.

Rosy blue fruiting body

Stoneware ceramic. 47 cm high.

Fruiting body: pumpkin

Ceramic. 31 cm high.

Fruiting body: offshore

Ceramic. 30 cm high.

Small floral fruiting body

Ceramic. 24 cm high.

Fruiting body: springtime

Ceramic. 30 cm high.

Fruiting body: blue yonder

Stoneware ceramic. 32 cm high.

Wild squash 10.13

47 cm high.

Small fruiting body 10.9

19 cm high.

Fruiting body: joys of spring

Stoneware ceramic. 43 cm high.

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