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"I had ordered a pastel portrait of my recently passed dog and what I received was beyond amazing! Gillian was wonderful about communicating and giving updates throughout the process, as well as having an estimated time window for when it would be complete. My wife and I were devastated to have to put down our elderly dog, but the portrait from Gillian will be treasured for many years to give us happy memories. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is interested in getting a portrait of their dogs. Thank you!" - Clayton N.

"Dear Alessandra, I have just received my painting and I am sitting here with tears of joy running down my face, it is so beautiful. You are very talented and I truly hope you are recognised for your great talent. If you are ever asked for a testimonial for your work, please do not hesitate to put the person in contact with me. I will fully verify how great you are, please keep painting and feel free to post this on your website. A talent like yours should be out there for the world to know. Thank you so much!" - Dave Boon

"Danguole's painting captured our dog's personality and soul exactly as it was. From the very first message, the communication and process were easy, and the result is an amazing portrait that we will cherish forever. Thank you Danguole for your beautiful work!" - Lucy (London)

"Thank you so much Jonathan for painting such a fantastic portrait of our lovely dog. The likeness is truly amazing, the picture is so life like, it could easily be mistaken for a photograph. I absolutely love it and it takes pride of place on our living room wall. Once again, thank you for such a brilliant piece of artwork." - Darren & Julie Bath

Why You'll Love Your Portrait Ordered via WonderStreet


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Whether it's for yourself or as a gift, if you are looking for a dog portrait, you've come to the right place. Our dog-loving artists will create a masterpiece of your dog that you will treasure forever.

Create a Timeless Memory

Not sure where to begin? No problem. Read on for a detailed overview of all you need to know before you start your commission, including tips on size, materials, framing, and delivery. Our process is easy and quick, while the high-quality end result is guaranteed at affordable prices. Let's have a look at the different steps involved.

How it works

Wonderstreet makes getting your dog's portrait easy and quick! We'll cover every step in more detail below, but here is a quick summary so you understand the basics of the process.

The first step is to select the artist and style you want. This is very easy as you will be shown different dog portraits and you can just click on the ones you like most. You can then specify a few details after which you will be in direct contact with the artist of your choice. Don't worry if you're not sure yet about some of the details of your portrait - your artist will guide you at every stage and there is never any obligation to buy, their advice is free.

Once you've selected your artist they will ask you for a photo of your dog(s), and once you agreed on all the details with them, they will start working on your dog portrait. Regular picture updates ensure you're kept in the loop along the way, so you never have to worry that they're straying from your vision.

Upon completion and your absolute satisfaction, secure delivery will be used to guarantee that your dog portrait will arrive in perfect condition. When it comes to payment, it's typical for the artist to request a deposit of 50% prior to starting work, with the other 50% requested prior to portrait delivery. Don't worry, though - we guarantee that 100% of your money will be refunded if you're not happy with the end result for any reason. We're very confident that you'll completely fall in love with your dog portrait, just like all our other customers which you can see from the testimonials as well.

How to take the perfect photo

Photographs are the essential ingredient in getting your dog portrait as accurate as possible. Don't worry if you don't have a photo yet as it's easy to make a good photo, and it takes no time. Ideally, you'll take a photo of your dog outside, on a dry day, to get the colour of their coat and eyes snapped as naturally and as tonally true-to-life as possible. If possible, try to get your dog to look at you while you ensure you're taking pictures at their height.

Don't worry if you're not entirely happy with the photos you've taken - send them over anyway. Your artist will do their best with what they have, and you're welcome to send over more at any time. Your artist will let you know if they need more photographs to ensure their work is accurate and that you're happy, too.

Here are a few more suggestions to obtain good photos:

- Avoid red-eye by taking a photo outside, during daylight, without flash. If it's raining, get your dog to sit by a large window to allow as much natural lighting as possible.

- If it's really sunny, try waiting for a few more clouds so there aren't as many harsh shadows and your dog's coat is accurately represented.

- Take photographs of your dog with your back to the sun, but make sure they're not squinting.

- Crouch down so you're at the same height as your dog. This helps to avoid size/shape distortion or an unnatural pose. If you're looking for a dog portrait that captures their head rather than their whole body, ensure your dog is facing the camera.

- Smartphones are a great tool to take sharp dog pictures to send to your artist, so don't worry if you don't have a professional camera.

- If your furry best friend won't stay still, enlist the help of a human friend to distract your dog with a ball or dog treat to get them to settle down while you snap away. Don't be afraid to put your camera on 'burst' mode, too - you never know when the perfect shot will be captured.

Choosing an artist and a style

Wonderstreet couldn't make it more easy for you to select the type of dog portrait that suits your favourite furry friend best. All you have to do is take a look at the many different mediums and styles of available dog portraits and click on your preference.

While we have many different styles available, let's have a quick look at some of the most popular ones: oil paintings, acrylic dog portraits, pastel portraits and pencil portraits.

Oil paintings generally provide an exquisite, smooth finish to your dog portrait. Traditionally easier to blend than acrylics, you will surely be satisfied with a natural-looking, soft result to your dog portrait. Oils are renowned for their typically superior quality.

Oil painting portraits

Acrylic dog portraits are perfect for those who like an 'arty' look to their finished piece. Acrylics are perfect for bright colours and eye-capturing artworks that captivate playful dog personalities. Acrylics are sometimes preferred over oil portraits because they're likely to be less expensive, while the quality is still superior.

Acrylic Dog Portraits

Pastel portraits are great for soft, delicate drawings and work great for dog portraits! Details such as texture and shine, are also easily incorporated with pastels, which makes them one of the most popular mediums with our clients.

Pastel Dog Portraits

For pencil portraits, we usually look at 2 separate types: graphite pencils and colour pencils. Graphite pencils provide a striking and sophisticated aesthetic to your dog portrait, with the focus on the expression and emphasis on tone. Layering techniques make coloured pencil portraits one of the longer processes, but with an outstanding, dynamic and realistic end result.

In any case, don't worry if you are not sure which style to choose as you will be able to simply click on the portrait examples you like and your artist will be happy to guide you through the different styles as well.

Pencil Drawing


Wondering which size would be best for your dog portrait? Here are a few suggestions regarding minimum sizes:

- 10×8 inches works perfectly as a starting size, when you want to capture your dog from the shoulders up.

- 12×8 inches is the suggested minimum size for when you have more than one dog that deserves the shoulders-up spotlight.

- 12×16 inches is the minimum size we suggest in case you need to have three dogs painted from the shoulders upwards. We also suggest this as the starting size for full-body portraits of your dog.

Here as well, your artist will be very happy to make suggestions tailored to your exact portrait.

Composition: Head-only vs Full body

Except of style and size. it's also important to have a think about the composition of your portrait. You usually have a choice between 2 compositions: Head-only or Full Body.

In a head-only composition, your artist will include the head, and usually also the shoulders in the portrait, while a full-body portrait will including the complete head and body of your dog. Full body portraits are usually slightly more expensive than head-only compositions, because there are more details to take into account by the artist. We suggest to discuss the different possibilities with your artist, as they will be able to make the best suggestions based on your photos and your requirements.


Your dog portrait will no doubt become a prized possession in your home, so it's important that you get the right framing as well.

We have written a detailed article on framing, so please check out our article for further details on getting the most suitable framing for your portrait.

Likeness guarantee and unlimited free revisions

Especially with something as personal as a dog portrait, it's important that you're satisfied with the suggested composition and that any special requests are accounted for before your artist starts working on your portrait. The artist won't ship the finished result until you're totally happy with your new dog portrait. If any element of the portrait preview is unsatisfactory prior to postage, your first port-of-call should be to request amendments, which are free of charge. If you're still unhappy with the final result after amendments have been made, we guarantee a complete refund. 100% satisfaction is our goal, so we'll even refund your shipping fees.

Dog portraits as a gift

A dog portrait is a perfect gift for dog lovers! If you have a friend who is proud of their dog, follow the steps discussed and provide a few snaps of their dog instead of your own. They'll be delighted when they see the finished masterpiece of their best friend!

But what if you think they'd rather make their own choice on the style, medium and size? In that case, a gift voucher is a perfect solution. Whether for family or friends, a gift voucher for a custom dog portrait is the ideal gift at any time of year.

You can order your gift voucher here, it takes less than a minute!

Other custom pet portraits

While on this page we've focused on dogs, we have options for every type of pet, so don't hesitate to order any type of pet painting you or a loved one requires. This includes cat portraits, horse portraits and even smaller furry friends such as rabbits. Contact us today on to find out what our versatile and professional team of artists can do for you.