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My name is Leonnie Fisher and I am the owner and founder of Destiny Designs, an Essex based graphic design company. I love all things creative including drawing, painting, digital art creations and writing fiction.
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Up in the clouds - digital art

I created this piece using 5 different images and blended them into one seamless piece using Photoshop.

Mer people - painting

The original image is copyrighted to Boris Vallejo. I drew and painted this when I was 16 years of age. The drawing/painting was created using a reference from the book ‘Mirage by Boris Vallejo‘. The book image was A4 in size, I drew this onto an A2 stretched piece of Cartridge paper. I then re-drew it on another A2 stretched board and painted using a combination of watercolours and metallic acrylics.

The hunter - digital art

The model in this image is Joshua Turner-Bruce. A very talented model and free runner. The photograph who shot him is RB Photography. I used 3 different images to create the finished piece.

Fable tolfein - digital art

Dragon princess - digital art

I was invited to take part in a fantasy photoshoot. The photographer was Tania Jaye Ward and the makeup artist was Emma Carvell. This was a really fun photoshoot to be involved in as I had no idea of the hair/make up or outfit. I was not allowed to see a mirror until the final look had been achieved. Following on from the photoshoot I created this piece of digital art combining images of caves and rock formations.

Queen of dragons - digital art

This piece was created using an image my husband took after the Dragon Princess Photoshoot. The makeup in the image was created by: Emma Carvell.

Lycan - digital art

I originally drew this on an A3 stretched piece of Cartridge paper. I used a newspaper spread of Alex Sibley (Big Brother 2011 Contestant). I later created a digital art piece using my Intuos tablet for the first time.

Visit my website to view the showreel.

Lightning strikes - digital art

A digital art piece featuring me as the model. the photo was taken by my husband on our our honeymoon.

Leopardess - digital art

I had a blast creating this digital art piece. I used a photo of myself and layered on different brushes and leopard skin images to create it.

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