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My name is Leonnie Fisher and I am the owner and founder of Destiny Designs, an Essex based graphic design company. I love all things creative including drawing, painting, digital art creations and writing fiction.
Destiny Designs
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Tolfein's decent

This piece was created for my younger brother’s 21st birthday. Following a photo-shoot of him I used photoshop to create a rough idea of what I wanted to create. I then hand scaled the image to 3 times the size and painted it using a combination of watercolours and metallic acrylics. I had this professionally framed to finish it off.

Sheegan - painting

This painting is based on the lead character of the 1st novel I started when I was a teenager. I have visions of revisiting the novel as I never finished it. I felt I needed time to grow and experience more things before I could do the storyline justice.

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