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Danila Tarcinale
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Birdie in the glass house

Birdie in the Glass House oxidised silver necklace, paint, gravel, grass, glass.

Everybody LOVES Birdie! This is a miniature portable sculpture.

Framed butterfly

Necklace, silver and vermeil, wood back.

It cannot be worn in the shower.

Framed butterfly

Silver Ring, vermeil, wood, paper, handcut Quarz.

Free as a birdie

"Free as a Birdie" silver and vermeil earrings.

Grandpa naughty picture

"Grandpa Naughty Picture"Oxidised Silver Ring, wood, acrylic, paper.

Oh deer

"Oh Deer" Horn Earrings, Oxidised silver.

Oh deer

"Oh Deer" Trophy brooch, silver and wood.

Oh deer

"Oh Deer" Trophy necklace, silver and wood.

Save me

"Save me" Wolf Eye Brooch, silver, glass

Embossed "save me" on the back of the brooch.

Victorian curl

"Victorian Curl" Cufflinks, Silver.


Dorian, 18 ct yellow Gold , Tourmaline and diamonds cocktail ring.

Twin jesus

Twin Jesus is a Double Brooch. Oxidised silver, gold vermeil, swarovski crystals.

Anchor pendant on chain

Plain anchor silver pendant on 16 inches chain.

This piece is inspired by traditional tattoo style nautical theme by "Mr X".


A stricking silver Horse Shoe on a 16 inches chain with carved frower.Inspired by traditional style Tattoo.

Love cherries

Heart shaped Cherries necklace, silver jade and quarzite.


Sacred heart and scroll silver pendant and enamel on 18 inches silver chain with carved flower.

Heart of glass

A classic and timeless piece. Silver and Murano glass. The chain is 16 inches long

Heart of glass

"Heart of Glass" and crown necklace made from silver and blue Murano glass from Italy.

the silver chain is 18 inches long.

Snake and dagger brooch

A beautiful Snake, Dagger and flower Brooch silver.

Inspired by Traditional Style Tattoo. Definitely a statement piece.

Crown heart and keys

Crown, Heart and Keys neckalace. silver and enamel.

The chain is 16 inches long.

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