Colin Ashby
I have been drawing and painting since I was a young lad, (which is a long time ago !!!), but I am still learning and trying out new techniques and mediums, although I generally dabble in pastels, pen and ink or graphite. I do quite a bit of commissioned work for customers wishing to have portraits of their pets or horses done as well as doing the odd commission of a house, pub or business.
Colin Ashby
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The stag

The old church


Catching the rays!!!

A portrait of a border collie done in pastels.

  • Judith H He has a lovely happy friendly face

Our three kings

Horse portraits in pastel.

Victoria falls

The butterfly


The boss

Cheetah in pastel : 20" by 15".




Thorpe underwood


Lurcher in pastel.

The capture

12" by 9" in graphite.

Pet portrait

Pet portraits in pastel.

Pet portrait

Pet portraits in pastel.

Morning light

Pastel - 19" by 14".



Pastel portrait of a grman shepherd


Horse portraits in pastel.

Pet portrait

Portrait of a collie.

Portrait of parrot

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