Caroline Ashwood

I work as a full time artist from a yorkshire art studio (Soar Works) where I get physical with the paint and canvas. My work is visceral and spontaneous. When I paint, I rely entirely on my instincts. Using my hands to work the paint washes around the surface, I continually move the artwork back and forth to keep the colours flowing. Eventually I reach a point where I allow the paint to take the control so that I can revel in the prospect of the paint surprising me yet again.
Caroline Ashwood
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Sugar flower
Price for original painting: $450
Size: 100 H x 80 W x 5 cm

Snow peaks
Price for original painting: $1166
Size: 150 H x 100 W x 5 cm

Wildflowers canvas print
Size: 80 H x 60 W cm

Wildflower framed canvas print (signed)
Size: 75 H x 50 W cm

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