Carole Sheldrake
Carole Sheldrake
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Travelling boys from en route series

Ceramic and mixed media

Blossom buddha

Ceramic and mixed media (tin flowers)

Feathers and faces

Ceramic, mixed media, drift wood.

Harriet's hat

Ceramic and pewter (headdress)

Milan man

En route series: Stoneware with mixed media tin labels and ceramic transfer stamps. H 29 cm x W 19 cm

Havana 2013

Abandoned house with trees. Ceramic and mixed media.

Backpack boy from en route series

Enignma (left), soloist (right)

Ceramic and mixed media

Started early, took my dog.

Ceramic and mixed media (pewter headdress and the woof from the dog)

Sleepy dreaming baby.

Ceramic and ceramic transfers on clouds with stamps.

Graffiti man

Ceramic and pewter (hat)

Mother and child

En route series: Stoneware and brass. H 29cm x W32 cm

Sleeping traveller

En route series: Stoneware and brass. W 18cm x H 32 cm

Australia 2012

Aborigine with didgeridoos. Stands on a rock covered with images from his culture.

Travelling boy from en route series

Ceramic and mixed media.

Ceramic and mixed media

Chattering, not listening.

Ceramic and mixed media

Blackbird singing in the dead of night

Ceramic and mixed media (tin feathers and blackbird)

Queuing travellers

En route series: Earthenware figures with mixed media hats and bags. H 21cm to 26cm.

Australia 2012

Ancient and modern man. Aborigine with traditional crafts. Modern Brighton man with message on a postcard from Australia

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