Saturday, Mar 19, 2016
by WonderStreet
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WonderStreet Interview with Anne Bate Williams

We recently spoke to Anne Bate Williams, an artist from Cheltenham who has a passion for mixed media/collage. She studied art and education at LSU in Southampton from 1969-1972. After completion of her studies she worked as a primary school teacher coordinating art at schools in Birmingham, and Swindon, and was also art coordinator in Cheltenham. Today we talk to her about many of her experiences as an artist and as a teacher.

Tell us a little about yourself: Where did you grow up? What got you interested in art?

I spent the first nine years of my life in South East London and then in 1960 my family moved to Cheltenham. My father had a selection of fine art books which as a young child I enjoyed browing through familiarising myself with different artists....

You coordinated art teaching in primary schools for many years. How did this help you in terms of developing your own practice?

A priority for me was to ensure all pupils felt able to create a piece of art work that would please them. Often they would produce large, group collages, so when I began to focus more on developing my own practice, I concentrated on mixed media/collage work virtually where I had left myself in college days....

You’ve cited Dali and Jung as key influences. Could you tell us a bit more about this?

When I was at college I was heavily infuenced by surrealist painters and also Carl Jung's work on dreams The paintings of John Piper are inspirational, I find his architectural pieces atmospheric and his use of colour draws me in....

What has been your most touching or amazing moment you've experienced as an artist?

When my son and daughter in law asked for a mixed media piece of the church they married in, as a wedding present.....

On your website you say that you like learning new skills. What have you learned recently?

At the time of writing, I was attending a printing course, learning collagraph printing, dry point and chine collee.....

What is it about working with collage that you particularly like?

I enjoy the organic nature of collage. I usually take many photographs of the subject, often a ruin then hone them down. I never know quite where I'll go with the piece, juxtaposition and colour are paramount and so it slowly develops. 'The Colosseum' was my first experiment and I began with the photographic image that would be central.....

Do you have any favourite blogs you read? TAP into Purpose a Facebook page - empowerment coaching for the real world

Do you have an online portfolio or a blog where we can view your work?

My website is and my Facebook page 'Anne Bate-Williams - on the wall.....

Are you involved in any upcoming shows or events? Where and when?

Kenn Art Show, 27th & 28th February. Suffolk Anthology, Cheltenham, 1st March - April 19th. Brewery Arts, Cirencester, 23rd May - 6th June

Could you share a few of your favourite WonderStreet users with us? What do you like about their work?

'Flower' No 308, 'Porch', 'Waving in the Wind', 'Mist Blowing', Cabin in the Woods'

And finally, could you please share a few images and tell us a little about each?

This scarf was printed in Italy by Teresa Bunting, using two of my paintings, 'The Bay' and 'Roundstone II'....

Thank you very much Anne for sharing your experience with us!

More examples of Anne's work can also be found on her WonderSreet profile:

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