Wednesday, Apr 12, 2017
by Olivier Jennes
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How to get your pictures to the top of WonderStreet's homepage

As one of the UK's largest online art and design platforms, Wonderstreet has thousands of UK-based artists and designers posting their photos every day. There are now over 20,000 pictures on WonderStreet, with around 1,000 more being contributed each week. All of that is great news for visitors to the site looking for inspirational and beautiful artwork, but how do you get your pictures onto the top of the homepage? In this article we'll give you some hints. If you follow these tips you should soon see your pictures reach the top of our homepage regularly - and all for free!

Order of pictures

The exact method we use to decide which pictures reach the top of our home page is rather complex - and kind of secret. We take into account lots of things, such as when the picture was posted and how the image-owner uses our site. We use several other factors too, including just the right amount of randomness to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and gets a fair shot at the top slots.

How to get your pictures to the top of the homepage

The most easy way to get your pictures on top of the homepage is: be active on Wonderstreet. By 'active' we mean: 'liking' someone else's image(s), or leaving a comment on someone else's image(s). That might seem a bit odd: surely, by liking and commenting on someone else's pictures you would be boosting their picture's chances of reaching the top slots and not your own? Well, that's our tricky little algorithm at work - try it, and you'll see straight away that some of your own pictures will move to the top of the homepage as well!

Other benefits of becoming an active user

By showing your appreciation for other people's work, you'll be an active member of our site's community, building a strong profile for yourself that lists your 'likes' alongside your own posted pictures. Also, people tend to repay 'likes for likes' and the positive vibe you create by being complimentary about other people's work will be reflected in how other people view your work. Plus, of course, a community like ours thrives on art and design appreciation, and we love to see interesting discussions cropping up as our members comment on each other's pieces.

So get started with liking and commenting on others' pictures - every day - and become one of our highly valued and rewarded daily users.

Go to the Wonderstreet Homepage and you will find "Like" and "Comment" buttons for every picture, have fun!

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