Wednesday, Nov 02, 2016
by WonderStreet
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Add keywords and boost your ranking on WonderStreet Search

We've already revealed some of the best ways to get your pictures to the top of the Wonderstreet homepage. Here we reveal another great tip that will help ensure that your pictures get noticed by the people you want to see them.

Wonderstreet offers its users the ability to tag their pictures with keywords. This helps visitors to find exactly the kinds of pictures they want. Best of all, and in sharp contrast to many other social networks, this service is entirely free.

Tagging your pictures with keywords is not strictly necessary due to the fact that users will be able to search for your image based on its content, even if you don't add keywords to your pictures. But the keywords service gives you extra control and makes it easier to ensure that the people you want to see the image are the ones who find it.

In order to add a keyword to your picture, all you need to do is log in to your account, go to your profile picture and select "Your Photos and Likes".

You will then see your profile with all the pictures you posted to WonderStreet. To add keywords to any of your images, click the Edit button associated with the picture and then click the "Add New Keywords" button at the bottom of the screen. We suggest adding no more than two or three keywords per image.

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