Becky Nuttall
My work is a coalesence of visual allegories and concepts referencing the nature and implications of perception, religion and art on adolescence
Becky Nuttall
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  • UK
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Child artist

Paper, pastel, watercolour and collage, framed
70 x 57cm

Totnes teenagers

Acrylic on canvas, unframed
20 x 20cm

Waiting for the ferry

Acrylic on canvas, unframed
50 x 40cm

Medal for the order of death metal

Paper, metal, textile, framed
39 x 28cm

Medal for the order of david bowie for lifesaving

Paper, metal, textile, paint, framed
23 x18cm

King of dogs

Paper, metal, textiles on paper, framed
18 x 23cm

Medal for distracting

Paper, metal, textile on card, framed
23 x 24cm

Medal for mourning

Silver, metal, textile, paper on card, framed
27 x 24cm

Feast for parting

Graphite and watercolour crayon
on poly draw film, unframed
31 x 19 cm

Protestant girls in catholic schools: nine to four

Mixed media on wood, framed
64 x 69cm

Girl wearing a hubert dalwood (nibs) necklace

Acrylic on canvas, unframed
50 x 40cm

Pot family tree

Acrylic on canvas, unframed
41 x 20cm

Smoking and drinking

Acrylic on canvas, umframed
36 x 25cm


Acrylic, pastel, crayon on paper, framed
86 x 65cm

Little worm

Acrylic, pastel on canvas, framed
40 x 29cm

Rock family tree

Pastel, crayon and paper, framed
53 x 43cm

St. catherine: indian princess

Mixed media collage on wood, framed
60cm x 37cm

Protestant girls in catholic schools: young christian martyr

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