Derek Roberts
Artist specialising in nostalgic subjects and Automotive images of the 40's to 60's period. Attended Art School in the 60's. Also had a career as a traditional sign writer up until recently. Guitar playing is also a favourite pastime.
Derek Roberts
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Oil PAinting.

Cartreasure hunt finish at the local.

Oil painting 30 x 24 " depicting a car treasure hunt with the finish at the local pub, sometime in the 1960's.

Blackpool late 50's

Acrylic painting of the famous resort.

Land girls

Lunch and a chat for some, while others toil and two of the girls wave to the Lancasters coming in to land at a nearby airfield.

Ferrari 250 gto

Oil painting.

Bringing in the barley

Oil Painting.

Sts malcolm miller

Oil painting of a vessel which once appeared in 'The Onedin Line' TV series.

Raquel welch in her younger days

Oil Painting.

The way we were 2

More monochrome nostalgia.

The way we were.

Oil monochrome of how things used to be not so long ago.

Fred dibnah.

Oil sketch of this wonderful character.

Stuka !!

Hurricanes in action over the Western Desert in '42.

Mercedes ssk

Classic street racing. acrylic.

Old london.


A day by the river.


'57 chevrolet.

oil painting.

Early 60's village scene.

Oil painting.

Ruthin station

Ruthin (N.Wales) in the early 60's on a cold, snowy evening, with the arrival of the last train of the day.

Jayne mansfield

Acrylic study of the star in pensive mood.

Meeting the locals.

A WW2 village scene. Acrylic.

Amanda lamb

Oil sketch.

Waiting for the train.

acrylic painting of a station in the late 50's.


Oil painting of Natalie Robb (Emmerdale)

Morris minor traveller

Pencil and watercolour sketch of this popular car.


Acrylic painting of Marilyn Monroe.

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