Al Knight
I studied illustration in Glasgow and after qualifying I worked for about 30 years in the print industry. Because of the nature of printing my illustrations had to be clinical and precise but now that I have discovered oils I enjoy the freedom of painting in my own style
Al Knight
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Watercolour on a3 paper.

Woman 02

This is probably about the size of a business card, part of the aceo's i'm producing. open to offers.

Face 01

I thought i would try producing an aceo (2.5" x 3.5") painting. this is the to offers.

Black dress

Painted oil on canvas board 35 x 45 cms. open to offers.

Beautiful mess

Oil on canvas board 14" x 18". open to offers.

  • Van R Atmospherically composed and eloquently beautiful. So good!

  • Al K Thank you Van for your comment. It would be nice to think it was up there with "To the edge" or "After Jan"

  • Larain B Beautiful, colour and composition. I love this!

Figure study

Pencil drawing on canvas board 10" x 14". open to offers.


Oil on board 116mm x 165mm. open to offers.

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